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3 Essential Skills Our Hive Learned from the Bees

hive (noun): a place swarming with activity

hive (verb): to move or live together as one

We’re a team that doubles as a group of friends in our marketing agency. And as a tight-knit team, this is our mindset: If one shines, we all shine. If one fails, we all fail. We’re big on cultivating happiness and positivity within the workplace. And we’re even bigger on healthy doses of encouragement where encouragement is needed, and praise where praise is due. 

Sometimes, things can get a little difficult, but it’s important we continue to learn the ins and outs of how to work together efficiently—not just for ourselves, but for our clients!

Who better to learn the importance of teamwork from than the BEES themselves? We may be just a little biased—hello, the proof is in the branding, people!—but here are some of the most essential skills we learned from the bees, and are still sharpening today.

Courtesy of: The Bees. 


A Queen Bee doesn’t actually do as the name implies. She doesn’t sit on her regal throne with her glimmering crown, looking down on all of her royal peasants—uh, we mean, royal subjects. No, not at all: the Queen Bee acts as more of a servant-leader, continuously laying eggs to ensure the longevity, and ultimate survival, of the entire colony. That sure is a lot of work around the clock in hopes of helping others, and not just yourself!

A good leader brings out the best in others. Even if you’re not actually in a top leadership position, you always have the chance to do good, be good, and motivate others to go beyond what they think they can do. It’s about giving credit to who deserves it, but also supporting them when they’re struggling. 


You’ll never catch a bee who’s keeping a secret. They LOVE to share information and complex messages! Did you know they even utilize a “waggle dance” to communicate the direction, distance, and quality of a flower patch nearby? This little dance of theirs is critical to providing for their colony, as it allows the others to find the resources they’re in need of. 

Regardless of who you’re working with, or what you’re working on, it’s important for everyone to be on the same page. We’re all our most efficient selves when we better understand the project and the people we’re working beside, and we’re made better because of it, too. But communication doesn’t just clear things up for everyone; it allows us to share ideas, solve problems, boost team morale, and even build trust!


Bees are teeny tiny. There are so many of them jam-packed into one hive! But what’s incredible is that, despite all of those individual little bodies and all of those individual little brains, they’re continuously working toward one common goal: the well-being of their colony. And a healthy, thriving colony just goes to show that we can achieve amazing things when we work together. 

When everyone on your team is cooperative, and everyone shares the same values for the work they’re doing, the team can be more productive, build mutual support, and create a place of encouragement! It allows for peace within a team, and is beneficial for opening the discussion up to brainstorming, problem-solving, and development. 

TIME IS HONEY! Our Final Thoughts…

There’s a lot to learn from the bees. Each of them works out of goodness, to make sure they all thrive together. It’s the perfect example of a compassionate little community.

(And, clearly, we know the success from their teamwork is pretty darn sweet.)

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